Remy Hair

Remy hair is a breakthrough process in harvesting and in the manufacturing of human hair used in the wig and hair piece world. Remy hair uses only the finest and most beautiful human hair in the world. Our Remy Diamond hair is cut from a single head and specially tagged "ROOT END FIRST"

Throughout the entire manufacturing process, the hair is kept root end first, this unique process does many things to eliminate common problems, such as matting, dullness, and especially strength, associated with all other human hair products using conventional manufacturing techniques.

The way we process Remy Hair ensures that it does not suffer from tangles, matting or breakage. These are common faults you will encounter with suppliers who do not handle and process Remy hair correctly.

Remember Forever Hair only uses the top quality REMY DIAMOND hair. You will find lots of cheap Remy hair, especially online but don't settle for inferior hair, insist on the best.

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