Template Instructions





Cling Film & Sellotape

One key to the success of a custom hair system is its fit; the base of the system must correspond to the head shape and frontal recession desired. Making a tape template of the head, which is transparent and can be drawn upon, is the solution to achieving a perfect fit.

•  Place a sheet of cling film on your head and wrap the sides under your chin like a bonnet. Lightly tie the ends together. (Not shown in picture)

•  After pressing the cling film close to the head to remove any wrinkles, use Sellotape 3/4" or 1" wide to crisscross the head.


The Template

•  Beginning at the forehead, place strips of Sellotape over the cling film.

•  Apply 2 layers of tape; 1 length wise and 1 width wise.

•  Forming the Sellotape will lock the cling film into a 'semi-hard' shelll.



Template Pattern

Using a permanent marker, outline the bald area right at the hairline. (If you are attaching with clips, be sure to go ¾" into the hairline so the clips will have some hair to grab onto.) Draw in the frontal hairline with the desired recession. The frontal hairline is usually located 3-4 finger widths above the eyebrows.

•  After the entire outer perimeter of the pattern is drawn, the desired hair direction should be indicated with arrows.

•  Note crown location, if applicable.

•  If a part is desired, indicate where you would like it.



Complete The Template

The template now needs to be covered and sealed, which will result in a total of four layers of tape over the cling film.

•  Beginning at the forehead, place strips of Sellotape over the cling film.

•  Apply 2 layers of tape; 1 length wise and 1 width wise.

•  The Sellotape will lock the cling film into a 'semi-hard' shell.




Final Steps

Remove the shell from your head, turn inside out and note the outer line that was previously drawn.

•  Trim the excess cling film off with a pair of scissors.

•  Write your last name on the template.

•  Mark the front of the template with 'F' and the back with 'B'.

•  The remaining semi-hard shell should be mailed to Forever Hair along with hair samples and the order form to create your unique customized hair system.



  • A cutting of your own hair is required to be coloured matched.

  • Please make sure your hair is clean and dry before hair sample is cut.

  • Lift hair so that the sample can be cut from the root; if your own hair is one uniform colour all over, you will only need one hair cutting sample to create this colour throughout the hair system. However if you hair colour varies you will need to take the cuttings from each side and back, keeping them separate.  Make sure you get the full length of hair.

  • Once samples have been cut and separated, place each sample onto a piece of sellotape so that the roots are enclosed by the sellotape and close to seal.  Make sure you label which part of the head the sample was taken from. The hair should be free at the top (see picture). Attach the sample to the Forever Hair PDF downloadable order form.




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