When deciding on a hair system, you need to choose a 'Base'.
There are a number of different bases available - each one with it's own benefits and drawbacks.

The two main criteria are appearance and durability. By durability, we mean how much wear and tear the base will take before it needs replacing.
Generally, the more realistic the appearance, the less durable the base.
At Forever Hair we have selected 8 different base types for you to choose.

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Base1 Base2 Base3 Base 4 Base5 Base6 Base7 Base8
Base 1
Full Swiss Lace

Approx life span (3 months)
  • Delicate lace, but undetectable material.
  • The lace foundation disappears as it touches your skin.
  • Can be worn with lace front tapes or FH skin adhesive.
  • Light weight and very comfortable. Most natural.
  • Undetectable both to sight and touch.
  • Needs periodic maintenance.
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