Why use us?
Replace your hairpiece: Simply make an appointment to visit one of our Salons or send us your hairpiece, or a template, and we will provide a high quality replacement. Additionally, our store offers you a wide range of tapes and adhesives together with all the specialist hair care products to maintain your desired look.

New to hair/not sure? Order from the comfort of your own home or visit our NEW recently refurbished discrete salon in Covent Garden, Central London. Expert guidance is always on hand from our professional stylists and hair technicians. Consultations are always held in separate private rooms.

High quality at affordable prices: We offer an extensive range of hair types and source our hair from only the highest quality manufacturers. Yet our prices average less than half those typically charged by high street clinics.

At Forever Hair we have over 20 years experience helping men and women with specialist hair replacement. Our aim is simple: to provide professional, high quality hair loss solutions at a fraction of the price of high street clinics. This site will give you the information you need to make informed decisions and guide you to the right solution for you.




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